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In the past an infected or damaged tooth was extracted. Contemporary dental techniques provide possibilities of saving teeth that are damaged to a great extent. The most common method is root canal therapy, defined in dentistry as endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment is normally conducted in our clinic in one visit, sometimes two visits, which saves you time and allows you to avoid unnecessary stress. A crucial element is the accurate measurement of the length of a canal, which is possible as our practitioners use an endometer to measure electronically the length of a canal, and radiovisiography, a digital x-ray unit in which the dose of radiation is reduced by 90% thanks to the use of a digital sensor. Another step forward is a use of a microscope in endodontics. Endodontic treatment with the use of a microscope enables precise localization of root canal estuaries, their better cleaning and estimation of the filling. The microscope helps see the root canal from inside, estimate its length and shape, localize possible obstacles (obliterations, a broken surgical tool) or damaged root canal walls (cracking, perforation).



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