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In our clinic we use 3 implantological systems.
That is why we always find the best solutions for our patients.

– Hundreds of implants a year, 99% successful, no complications
the Best specialists in the field of implantology professor Piotr Arkuszewski, MD, PH – president of Polish Association for Implantology and Aneta Neskoromna-Jędrzejczak, a II degree specialist in oral surgery,
– experienced personnel,
– 3 proven and modern implantological systems
– a specialized surgical room and a recovery room

NZOZ PROVNTUS  specializes in Implantology, guided bones regeneration and soft tissue treatment.  We are proud that our patients are satisfied with our services and they can enjoy their beautiful smiles, which goes hand in hand with an increase of self-assurance. Hundreds of implants a year, 99% successful, no complications.

Modern diagnostics, considerable clinical experience of the staff, a specialised treatment room and a recovery room suitable for procedures with general anaesthesia allow us to offer the best-quality service to our clients. In the case of implant treatment, our patients are only taken care of by qualified and experienced practitioners: Prof. Piotr Arkuszewski, the President of the Polish Implantology Association, and Aneta Neskoromna-Jędrzejczak MD, who are II degree specialists in maxillofacial surgery.

In our clinic the highly-trained personnel decided to use these three advanced implantological systems:



Note : We have our own car park – entrance from the street Wólczańska 34.


al. Kościuszki 17 Łódź 90-418
512 115 755 – Ewa Malinowska


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