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Periodontology is a quite unknown specialty of dentistry which deals with diagnostics and treatment of gingiva, periodontium and the oral mucosa.

Gingival bleeding which can be spontaneous or following oral hygiene procedures, tooth mobility, unpleasant mouth odor, sometimes feeling unwell or low-grade fever can be first symptoms of gingival inflammation or even periodontitis. Both young and elderly people can have periodontal diseases. Aggressive periodontitis appears at the age of about thirty. It is characterized by  appearing of deep periodontal pockets, quick destruction of the bone tissue disproportionate to the amount of supragingival plaque and severe tooth mobility.

Chronic periodontal disease is typical for the people who have a lot of dental plaque. Additional factors such as smoking, systemic diseases, stress can make the disease worse and make it difficult to treat. Early and proper diagnostics and implementation of a right treatment by a periodontist gives a chance to oppose the disease. It is worth remembering that the periodontal disease is a chronic disease. When severe symptoms have gone and the state of the periodontal tissues has become stable it is necessary to see your dentist every 3-6 months in order to detect a recurrence of the disease. It especially concerns the patients with aggressive periodontitis.

A patient with periodontal diseases should undergo a complete dental treatment apart from periodontal treatment, with particular focus on dental prosthetic restoration adjusted to tooth efficiency. A periodontist ensures that a patient is provided not only with pretty white teeth but also with healthy pink gums.

Ignoring periodontal disease symptoms and not undertaking a treatment by a specialist can lead to irreversible changes in the periodontal tissues that support the teeth in the bone, appearing of deep pathological periodontal pockets, severe tooth mobility and as a result, it leads to tooth extraction.

A periodontist also provides diagnostics and treatment of gingival recession, correction of labial frenulum, maintenance of the prosthetic place, crown lengthening, deepening the vestibule (both children and adults).

Thanks to the use of microsurgical tools, very thin delicate flosses, the best available bone substitute materials, using enlargement (zoom, microscope), assistance and support of a caring person and atraumatic treatment the Clinic guarantees the best quality treatment and satisfaction to its patients.

Moreover, it often happens that the changes in the mouth can be first symptoms of systemic disease such as leukaemia, diabetes, anemia, Crohn’s disease, pemphigus, pemphigoid or scleroderma.  Oral mucosa as an initial part of the GI tract is exposed to permanent mechanical and chemical irritation connected with food intake. Additionally, drinking alcohol, smoking, exposure to the sun, mechanical irritation caused by prostheses or sharp teeth edges, biting lips, cheeks or a tongue can cause an increase of keratinization of oral mucosa and appearing of the diseases with an increased risk of cancer. They include: “red patch” erythroplakia, leukoplakia or erosive lichen planus. That is why white or red lesions in the mouth, nodules, cutaneous, aphthous stomatitis, skin changes which do not heal during 2 weeks have to be consulted with a specialists. In our Clinic experience and knowledge of maxillofacial surgeons and periodontists provide the patient with oncological care.

If you noticed one of the symptoms in your mouth you should definitely visit our periodontist. Knowledge and experience are important when dealing with periodontal patients.

Małgorzata Janowska-Bugaj, a dentist and a specialist of periodontology, who is employed in our Clinic, carries out research for her PhD thesis on the topic of early detection of precancerous conditions in the mouth. For six years she has been taking care of the patients with periodontal and mucosal diseases. She also gives lectures to dental students on periodontology. She publishes articles in medical journals and takes part in trainings in the area of periodontal surgery, prosthodontics and endodontics.


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